Resume & Multimedia

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Mini-documentary I shot, directed and edited:

Web Design

Since coming to AU, I have gotten into programming and started building and designing websites. Here are some of the final products:

John Muir -I wrote all of the content for this one [.zip].

Jack Stringer – another version of this very site that I made from scratch with HTML, CSS and JavaScript [.zip].

The Apollo Program – I didn’t write any of the content for this one [.zip].

The Eagle Digital Projects – a new sub-site I created for American University’s student newspaper.

  • The Perfect Storm – the most recent digital project that I designed a special page for, including the audio features, information graphics and additional animations.

Graphic Design

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Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox: events, advertisements and internal communication

An ad for the AFRMC Gala's program
An ad for the AFRMC Gala’s program
Internal announcement
Internal announcement
'Logo' for an internal charitable donations project.
‘Logo’ for an internal charitable donations project.
Firm moral booster
Firm moral booster ‘menu’

American University, School of Communications: events and announcements

Digital-Diplomacy  soc-Adam-Friedmansoc-shout-gladi-gladi



Just for fun:

AU&PieGraphic Grammys MinWage and CPI

An SKGF quarterly report, before & after I started my internship: