Welcome to Jack Stringer’s portfolio. This site serves as a means for anyone to check out who I am, what I have accomplished and my ambitions for the future.

Currently I am a student at American University in the heart of the American political world, Washington D.C. While politics is not my passion, I have very diverse set of interests.  Storytelling, big data, programming, sports, art, music, graphic design/UI design, marketing and social media are all things I can get excited about.

In the academic realm,  I have narrowed these interests down into two majors: Print Journalism and Data Science. I have yet to land on a career path that perfectly combines the two, but I am optimistic about my future in both fields.

Print might not be the best word to describe the kind of journalism I am interested in. I love to write, which is why I chose this major, but in the rapidly advancing world of journalism I look forward to creating content online using a variety of skills and technologies.

When I’m not studying or writing, I often seize the opportunity to explore the Colorado wilderness or the city of Washington. Please feel free to contact me at: js7434a@american.edu.